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Giving back to our community fills us with pride. We put our best effort into opportunities to be generous every time they arise.

In our community

Our community makes us better, and we try to return the favour. Our community is a pillar of our company, so it is important for us to be distributors of joy in every way we can.

Alzheimer’s: Our sweet cause

For the entire Mondoux family, being involved in supporting Alzheimer’s organizations has a special meaning. Sadly, the wife of our beloved founder, Normand Mondoux, passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2020. 

In the spirit of our mission as distributors of happiness, we have pledged our best efforts in extending our mission to this worthy cause which inspires us all.

With a mix of enthusiasm, commitment and nostalgia, we developed In July of 2021 our special partnership with Alzheimer Society Laval. In our own small way, we hope to offer a little sweetness for the soul.

Our volunteer program

In the same spirit of sprinkling sweet magic along our way, we organized a volunteer program for our team members. The program gives all of our employees the equivalent of one full workday per year to take part in various activities of Alzheimer Society Laval, in response to the organization’s current needs.

Sweet volunteer efforts

Since we began our relationship with Alzheimer Society Laval and established our volunteer program, we have taken part in many wonderful activities, such as decorating pumpkins for Halloween, preparing Christmas stockings for seniors at Maison Francesco Bellini and distributing bags of candies. More activities, including the corporate event Bal Nostalgique, with our company as the main partner, will come soon. 

It just goes to show that for us at Mondoux, community spirit is part of the package.

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