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Team up with one of most recognized brands in the country.

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Confectionery has been our forte for over 50 years. Every year, we package over 3500 tons of candies in our three local production facilities. What does that mean for you? It means we are always able to provide fresh products and outstanding service. 

It’s not by chance that our brands have become sales leaders. It’s because we’ve developed the strongest expertise in the country and gained the trust of our partners and consumers, one success at a time.

Service area

Mondoux Confectionery’ service area extends across all Canadian provinces and territories. Our experienced team ensures that your deliveries will always arrive on time.

  •   20 000 points of sale across Canada
  • over 12,5 million products distributed across the country
  • over 3500 tons of candy marketed in Canada annually
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Our leading and exclusive brands

Our products are not only in high general demand; they are also very strategically developed and managed on a local basis. A variety of marketing campaigns throughout the year with partners who are well known in the food industry ensure our product’s appeal. That’s the approach that consistently ensures our position as a market leader. 

The power of Mondoux products

  • Top-selling brands in the market
  • Wide variety of top-quality products
  • Year-round marketing campaigns
  • Fast and timely delivery
  • High production capacity
  • Responsive bilingual customer service
  • Our Sweet Sixteen, Apéro and Giacomo brands are certified nut/peanut-free. 
  • 3 processing plants
  • 200+ employees

How to become a partner?

To become a partner, simply contact our customer service department. Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions and explain the process.

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We serve many well-known North America retailers.

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Contact us to become a partner.

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